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For over 20 years the highly skilled team at Mac Floor have been safely and professionally fitting new carpets in properties across Nottingham and the wider region. Need your carpet fitting properly? Fill out the form on the right or give us a call on 01623 655 897 and we can help.

Why Choose Professional Carpet Fitters Instead of DIY?

Many people choose to try and have a go at fitting a carpet themselves rather than bring in a professional and to be honest, the results are often bad.

Carpet fitting can take much longer than expected, and be much more difficult than expected too, especially for someone with zero or very little experience.

With all of the cutting and pinning that needs to take place, before you know it you may well have ruined your beautiful, expensive new carpet before even getting it fitted.

Benefits of Carpet Floors

There are many reasons to choose carpet for your home:

Carpet Fitting Quotes

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